What is SIMPLIS?

For those new to SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, we recommend reading over the following:

  • SIMPLIS - The 5 Minute Story: Provides a quick start in the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS environment and introduces the main SIMPLIS analysis modes with a brief summary of the strengths of each.
  • SIMPLIS - The Rest of the Story: An important description of how SIMPLIS works (this section should only take a few minutes longer than the previous section).

Once you've completed the SIMPLIS Tutorial, you will be ready to make good use of a free SIMetrix/SIMPLIS evaluation license.

An evaluation license will provide you with time-limited access to the full capabilities of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, without the circuit size limitations of the free-to-download SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements.   In most cases, we are happy to offer prospective customers a 30-day license keyed to the MAC address of the user's network card.

Once you've received your Evaluation License by email, you can run through the Evaluation License Installation Instructions to get up and running in the full version of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS environment.