SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module - Application: LLC Design


Previously Held on October 15th, 2020

This webinar will show how the Magnetics Design Module (MDM) can be used in the context of a real-world LLC converter design example. It will start by going through part of the design process of an actually manufactured 600W DC-DC LLC converter board, using MDM to demonstrate the advantages of the final design choices compared to the initial design. Further possible variations of the designs of the resonant inductor and transformer of the LLC converter will then be explored, along with their impact on converter performance. Trade-offs, such as cost vs. efficiency, will be examined. It will be shown how even in situations where the "right" magnetics design seems apparent from the application constraints and designer experience, MDM can be used to quickly evaluate many alternatives and "what ifs" straightforwardly and quickly, giving immediate insight into the impact of different design choices not only on the magnetics, but on the whole system.


Information on the application example that will be covered:

  • 380V-to-12V, 50A output DC-DC LLC converter
  • LLC design basics and impact on magnetics selection
  • Initial LLC transformer design (real-world example)
  • Refined and final LLC transformer design (real-world example)
  • MDM analysis supporting advantages of final over initial design
  • Exploration of variations on the inductor and transformer design: different core shapes, materials, wire types
  • MDM analysis of trade-offs

Link to Webinar Recording

The webinar recording can be viewed at this link: SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module - LLC Design Application (48:56)

Reference Materials

Schematics and presentation slides for the webinar can be downloaded here: